Chilled avocado soup with crab and kiwi
Recette proposée par Beatriz Gonzalez

Difficulty Easy
Preparation 30 minutes
Cooking -



4 people
500 g crab meat |3 ripe avocados |2 kiwis |100 g fresh almonds, crushed |Fresh or dried coriander |Fresh mint |Juice from 1 lime |150 g crème fraîche |Avocado oil |Olive oil |Kampot black pepper |Salt |Coriander flowers
    • 1
      To make the avocado soup, remove the flesh from the avocados and blend it with the lime juice, crème fraîche and olive oil.
    • 2
      Add the coriander and fresh mint and season with salt and pepper to taste. Transfer the soup to the refrigerator.
    • 3
      For serving, place the crab meat in a soup dish. Season the crab to taste with salt and pepper and sprinkle it with crushed almonds.
    • 4
      Pour the chilled avocado soup into the dish next to the crab meat. Decorate with coriander flowers and thin kiwi slices.

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