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Discovering the La Grande Épicerie de Paris brand


In January 2016, La Grande Épicerie de Paris launched its own in-store brand made up of 700 references. To explore it, we have called upon two golden nugget seekers, Angela Intonti and Ferréol de Bony. They retrace with us the history of this ambitious project with a single watchword: taste! Interview.

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How did the La Grande Épicerie de Paris brand come to be?

Angela : La Grande Épicerie de Paris’ own brand has been long in the making. We were thinking about it long before it was launched in January 2016. We wanted to offer fine, top-quality, everyday products that are good value for money for our customers.
For a year and a half, we selected the producers with whom we were going to work. Although our products are mostly made in France, some come from their countries of origin, such as our drawn dried pasta from Gragnano in Italy.
To put our range together, we selected simple and tasty products. This translates into our truly transparent packaging, highlighting their natural colours and their generous textures.

Ferréol : Today, the brand is made up mainly of sweet and savoury food products. You can also find fresh products and gift sets, such as our gift set of 5 mini confits.


Tell us about the producers you have selected.

Angela : To put our range together, we called mainly upon regional producers, renowned for their excellent products and the quality of their ingredients.
For example, our fruit mixtures are made from French fruits, such as our Dordogne strawberries or our Provence figs.
Our offer also includes a strong focus on certain product families. For example, we offer a very wide variety of soups and fish rillettes cooked on the island of Groix. They are slightly spicy to reveal the flavours of fish on the palate.

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la grande Épicerie de paris - marque propre

Ferréol : As for sweet items, our range of biscuits highlights the most iconic products of our region, maybe dating back a few decades. Our gingerbread is made in Dijon and is based on expertise passed on for more than 200 years.


Inspire us! What are your 3 favourite products to check out in-store?

Semi-salted butter and sesame caramels are among my favourites. Toasted sesame seeds bring a delicious crunchiness to the toffee.
I also use truffle mayonnaise in my mimosa egg recipe. Its intense aromas bring a touch of sophistication to this easy-to-make starter.
Finally, I season my meat and fish with a touch of Voatsiperifery pepper from south-east Madagascar. I like its floral element: it’s really gentle on the palate.

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angela ferreol la grande Epicerie de paris

Ferréol : I recommend rice with caramel milk and salted butter or nonnettes - a fluffy gingerbread filled with caramel. They win hands down for me. Truffle crisps are soon available in-store, and are also one of my favourite products. They are enjoyed as appetisers, served with a cold meat platter from La Grande Épicerie de Paris.


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Angela & Ferréol

Gift set of 5 mini confits: Black cherry with Sichuan pepper, onion, lingonberry-apple, fig with thyme and beetroot-onion.
For 200 g (59,50 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
A soup with a Provençal accent that delights foodies with a penchant for traditional cuisine.
For 730 g (7,81 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
Beautifully pink, delicate and fragranced, these fine and succulent salmon rillettes go ideally with toasted blinis served with a mildly pickled salad.
For 12 cl (39,17 € / L)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
Bourgogne honey gingerbread is a refined gingerbread sponge.
For 180 g (36,11 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
These semi-salted butter caramels with toasted sesame seeds are the perfect association between Breton and Asiatic cuisine. Toasted sesame adds an exotic touch to the classic salted butter caramel. Served as a dessert or with a coffee, this sweet will delight any palate.
For 130 g (69,23 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
In the heart of the Malagasy forests, the vines of the Voatsiperifery pepper can grow up to 40 metres high! Rare and unique with woody, flowery notes and citrus freshness, this pepper can be used in your grinder and to liven up your recipes. Amazing with chocolate, too.
For 45 g (193,33 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.
Made with wheat flour and honey, caramel nonnettes have a soft caramel centre that will revive the gustatory memories of older folk and awaken the little ones’ taste buds.
For 200 g (27,50 € / kg)
free Colissimo delivery in France*.

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