News · January 2020

Sri Lankan cuisine is taking pride of place on our World Cuisine stand

For the start of the year, our World Cuisine range is expanding, introducing new delicacies, straight from Sri Lanka.
A real favourite among our experts, Sri Lankan cuisine is distinctive for its diversity. There is a whole host of different meat dishes to choose from along with rice and cooked vegetable accompaniments, making it a particularly exciting gourmet food choice.

la grande épicerie - cuisine Sri Lankaise
la grande épicerie de Paris- cuisine Sri Lankaise

Our chefs have selected 3 traditional dishes to revisit for the occasion:
- Curried courgettes
- Tandoori chicken curry
- Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk


Discover our Sri Lankan recipes (to enjoy in store or to take away) on the World Cuisine stand at La Grande Epicerie Rive gauche, at 38 rue de Sèvres (Paris 7ème).