News · March 2020

The exceptional range of meats selected by our master butcher

As Easter approaches, La Grande Épicerie de Paris is showcasing an exceptional range of meats selected by our master butcher at the Salon de l’Agriculture. Convinced that the best meats come from well-treated cattle, he prioritises breeders that are committed to animal welfare. From labelled cuts to matured meat, discover all the meat treats on offer!

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Diamandin lamb

Did you know…? La Grande Épicerie de Paris is proud to present Diamandin lamb, selected at the Salon d'Agriculture for the 3rd consecutive year. A historic partner for more than 30 years, our store offers huge support to this specialist which respects both the animal's well-being as well as the environment. As a result, each lamb is raised and fed by its mother for a minimum of 60 days outdoors or partially outdoors, depending on the season.
Meeting precise specifications required for Red Label produce, and thanks to the care and commitment of the 750 breeders based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Mr Brault has received over 475 awards. Notably, Mr Morisset received the prize for the 3rd best herd in this breed in France.
These requirements are naturally found in the quality of this particularly tender, lean and almost silky-smooth meat.
Discover this speciality at the Butcher’s counter in our two stores. Diamandin lamb will be showcasing in our 2 stores from 6th to 11th March and on sale from 12th to 14th March at the Butcher’s counter in our two stores.


Simmental, a Swiss cattle breed

The “Fisterra Bovine World” breeding project was launched in 2017. Its aim? To measure the impact of the typical Galicia rich and varied diet on 13 different cattle breeds. Each animal has benefited from high quality food for a period of 2 and a half years, in an especially well-suited environment with an abundance of grass and a wide variety of vegetation.
Among the breeds represented, La Grande Épicerie de Paris has selected the mountain breed, Simmental. This beef is renowned for its unique fragrance and subtle taste on the palate. Matured by our master butchers to enhance all its flavour, the range will be showcased on 19th March and on sale from 20th to 23rd March at our Butcher's counter at La Grande Épicerie Rive Gauche.


Aubrac cattle, La Ferme de Vialars

At the Salon d’Agriculture, La Grande Épicerie de Paris has also chosen a meat selection from Mr C. Valette, breeder from La Ferme des Vialars. This historic supplier, located in Laguiole, places the greatest importance on the welfare of his Aubrac cows. Each animal enjoys a healthy diet, created by nutritionists which eliminates the use of any hormones or antibiotics. The living conditions of the animals are also greatly improved by giving them large enclosures equipped with misters, which are regularly mulched to guarantee the quality of the air.

Discover our exceptional range of meat from La Ferme des Vialars at the Butcher’s counter at La Grande Épicerie Rive Gauche from 2nd to 5th April and 14th to 17th May.