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Chic des plantes !

la grande épicerie de Paris - Chix des plantes !

Established in late 2015 by Corinne Lacoste and Laura Guillemin, two Parisian entrepreneurs looking for good taste, Chic des Plantes! is a French house of quality infusions and broths, 100 % organic, produced in France and free from any artificial flavours. A chef, a flavourist and a botanic pharmacist are at the origin of these unique blends, made with plants selected for their aesthetic and gustatory qualities.

From 2 to 23 February, Chic des Plantes! sets up its "Chic infusions and broths bar" at the entry to the store and offers takeaways or a sampling on the premises of a selection of:
- 4 Chic des Plantes! infusions, offered in conjunction with tasty organic granolas from La Mère Mimosa.
- 3 Chic des Plantes! broths, embellished with a few vegetables, herbs and spices.

Organic and vegan associations conceived by Apéti Paris. Light, delicious and good for you these recipes to take away or enjoy at the foot of the "Food Altitude" event.