Rencontre :
Thebe Magugu

Rencontre : Thebe Magugu, jeune prodige de la mode


Jeune prodige de la mode, le créateur sud-africain Thebe Magugu est l’invité de l’exposition Porte-Bonheurs. A seulement 26 ans, il s’est vu décerner le Prix LVMH en 2019. Le jury a été conquis par la précision de ses coupes, son usage sensible de la couleur et l’éclatante féminité qui émanait de sa collection. Depuis, Thebe Magugu poursuit sa route vers le succès en portant les valeurs qui lui tiennent à cœur. Dans ses collections le créateur rend notamment hommage au courage des femmes qui prennent la parole et le pouvoir en Afrique du Sud ainsi qu’aux femmes de sa famille, déterminantes dans son parcours et ses influences.

Pour l’exposition Porte-Bonheurs au Bon Marché Rive Gauche Thebe Magugu a imaginé une éclosion d’innombrables fleurs porte-bonheurs aux couleurs éclatantes. Celles-ci sont vendues au profit de l’association Dessine l’Espoir qui agit auprès des populations vulnérables d’Afrique australe.

Rencontre avec le créateur.

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Thebe – Createur Thebe Magugu - Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Could you introduce yourself?


My name is Thebe Magugu, I am a designer based in Johannesburg South Africa. I was born in Kimberley, a very small mining town which is most known for diamonds. I have long known that I have wanted to go into fashion, thanks to a mother who pushed me to sketch everyday and a family who deeply respected clothes. Today through fashion, I explore and interrogate my cultural and historical heritage, intersecting that with sleek, forward-looking design.


How did you imagine this project with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and Dessine l'Espoir ?


I was approached by Dessine L’Espoir founder Cyrille Varet to join forces with him and Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche for an exciting cross-cultural opportunity. We did this by creating over 20 000 hand sewn flowers out of colourful bonded fabric, most of which will be available for purchase. What is beautiful about this immersive exhibition is how it was done by women who were empowered through this project by taking over production. I am happy that a historic store such as

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche has provided the space for this project to ground in, and I imagine it to be an informative and inspiring success.

Thebe – Thebe Magugu – Fleur - Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Can you tell us about your inspiration behind the design of this flower?


I think the flower has a universality to it which has positive associations of resilience, beauty and hope. These traits of a flower are exactly what we wanted to communicate with this project. Closer to home, South Africa is known for its rich and plentiful fauna and this was a great object to explore.


What does this project mean to you?


This project is very special to me because it is rooted in ideals of purpose, upliftment and beauty. As a personal and professional rule, I always want to do things that serve the community and a project like this, which uplifts marginalised communities while creating handcrafted awe and wonder, are exactly my goals. It is also very special to to take bits of South Africa to France, which are two countries very close to my heart.

Thebe Magugu – Atelier - Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

The exhibition is named Porte-Bonheurs (Lucky charms). Do you have a lucky charm ? What does luck represent for you?


I think my lucky charm is more spiritual. I am seldom afraid because I always feel protected by a higher power, mainly my ancestors. I think we all have that inside - an unspoken power and internal compass which guides and protects us against the world.

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