Salmon cooked in filo pastry with mixed vegetables and hollandaise sauce

Difficulty Medium
Preparation 45 minutes
Cooking 30 minutes



4 people
1 salmon steak weighing about 600 g (or 4 fillets weighing 150 g each) | 2 egg yolks | 250 g butter | 1 bunch of sage | 1 lemon | 4 large button mushrooms | 2 stems of kale | 1 large carrot | 1 small container of mangetout peas | 1 pattypan squash | 1 bunch of small turnips | 4 sheets of filo pastry | fine salt and pepper
    • 1
      Clarify the butter.
    • 2
      Spread the sheets of filo pastry out on a clean work surface.
    • 3
      Brush the pastry with clarified butter.
    • 4
      Season the salmon with salt and pepper and place a piece of salmon on each sheet of pastry.
    • 5
      Top the salmon with sage leaves. Seal the filo packets and transfer them to the refrigerator.
    • 6
      Wash all of the vegetables and peel them if necessary. Steam the vegetables or cook them in a pressure cooker.
    • 7
      Make the sauce: mix the egg yolks in a saucepan with the lemon juice and some fine salt.
    • 8
      Whisk the mixture constantly over very low heat to make a thick and creamy sauce. Remove the sauce from the heat and whisk in clarified butter until the sauce is light and airy. Taste the sauce and correct the seasoning if necessary.
    • 9
      In a hot pan, pan-fry the salmon on both sides.
    • 10
      Divide the salmon, vegetables and sauce among four plates and serve warm.

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