Roast octopus with red beans and popcorn
Recette proposée par La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Difficulty Easy
Preparation 20 minutes
Cooking 105 minutes



4 people
1 cooked octopus | 320 g organic red beans | 60 g raw and slightly salted churned butter | 160 g avocado | Picholine olive oil | Hot chili pepper rings | Red onion | Fresh coriander | 40 g peanut butter | Fleur de sel from Gruissan | Organic popping corn | Fresh coriander
    • 1
      Soak the red beans in water overnight and then cook them until tender. Once the red beans are cooked, blend them with the butter.
    • 2
      Make the avocado condiment: Mash the avocado and finely chop the red onion and coriander. Using a fork, combine these ingredients with the oil and peanut butter. Mix in chili pepper rings and fleur de sel to taste.
    • 3
      Pop the popping corn in a pan with salt. Cut the octopus into pieces, and brown the pieces in a hot pan. Place a serving of red bean puree on each plate, followed by some octopus and avocado condiment. Finish with popcorn and a touch of fresh coriander
    • Chef’s notes: Picholine olive oil is single-varietal, which means it is made with one variety of olive only rather than a blend of varieties. Picholine olive oil tends to be both slightly bitter and pungent.

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