News · April 2019

Tanara or the art of maturing Parma ham DOP for 3 generations

la grande épicerie de paris - Jambon Tanara

Come and discover the exceptional hams by Tanara at the Italian stand. Using pigs reared in Italy, the ham is then matured for 24 months, employing the same expert methods used for more than 60 years.
Each ham is first dried in large parts, with the windows open, before being salted by hand. Next, it is vigorously rubbed with coarse grain sea salt, which flavours and preserves the meat. Dried and once again washed, it now takes the time to mature. Slowly, it develops flavour whilst retaining the incomparable tenderness on the palate that is so characteristic of a great Parma ham.


Find Parma Hams Prosciutto di Parma DOP Tanara at the Italian stand at La Grande Épicerie Rive Gauche.