News · May 2020

The baby department gets a makeover!

It's new! La Grande Épicerie de Paris is proud to present its new department dedicated to the nourishment and care of our very smallest customers. From a choice of nappies, to savoury dishes and desserts - everything in our range is chosen with the greatest care to best accompany our children and meet their needs. Try now our favourite brands, favouring organic products produced in France.

La Grande Epicerie Maison Martin
La Grande Epicerie Maison Martin
La Grande Epicerie Maison Martin

1) Small tubs from Comme des Papas - available in store from late May
Carefully prepared in Loire & Cher, the savoury and sweet small tubs from Comme des Papas delights babies from 6 to 36 months old. The perfect alternative to homemade, their range of organic and seasonal fruit and vegetables contains neither additives nor preserving agents. Cream of broccoli with nutmeg, stir-fried vegetables and fennel and trout fillet risotto, their numerous recipes provide babies with all sorts of pleasure, and this is possible as soon as they start varying their diet.


2) Pouches from Popote
The self-proclaimed "commis chef of parents", Popote offers savoury and sweet baby food pouches, ready to eat. From meat to fruit, the ingredients are cooked separately so you can create your child's menu as you wish. Ham, beef or chicken are thus prepared with organic French meat, steamed to preserve their flavours.
Sweet treats include organic fruit sauces and individual fruits so that babies can discover the flavours of apricot, strawberry, apple and raspberry.


3) Joone nappies
Did you know…? On average, a child wears 4,500 pairs of nappies in its first three years of life.
With this starting point, the young brand decided to specialise in the production of responsible nappies, adapted to the youngest skin. Produced in France they contain no endocrine disruptors, parabens* or pesticides. Taking it even further, the brand has banned products like chlorine, latex and perfume.
Fortified by these exacting standards, which we share, Joone nappies are available for the first time in store at La Grande Épicerie de Paris.
Also on the shelves, their range of baby-care products, from pure water wipes, moisturising body milk and cleansing water, perfume free.


* in compliance with current legislation.
Physical activity and play are essential for your child's healthy growth and development -