News · May 2020

New recipes at La Petite Sandwicherie

la grande épicerie rive gauche - La petuite grande épicerie

It's new! La Petite Sandwicherie is celebrating the arrival of sunny days by offering new spring recipes to discover in stores. Try our seafood poke bowls prepared with salmon, prawn and sea bass. A vegetarian option is also available.
When it comes to sandwiches, our chefs have created an original Gravlax Salmon variety. Marinated raw, then seasoned with a fromage frais and mustard sauce, the salmon is presented in our bakers’ special seaweed bread.
And from 28 May, discover our latest vegetable and goats’ cheese sandwich creation.
To complete our selection, we present chilled pea, ricotta and mint soup or Gazpacho to cater for all tastes at lunchtime!/p>

La Grande Epicerie - bowls
La Grande Epicerie - rive gauche - Petite sandwicherie
La Grande Epicerie rive gauche Petite sandwicherie

Discover our latest sandwiches, bowls and chilled soups at La Petite Sandwicherie on the ground floor of La Grande Épicerie Rive Gauche – 38, rue de Sèvres. Paris 7th.