News · March 2020

La Grande Epicerie de Paris

responds to your questions

Dear Customer,

Given the current situation, our teams are doing everything possible to enable you to carry out your shopping in the best health and safety conditions.
In the interests of transparency, we would like to respond to your questions.

What hygiene measures have been put in place at La Grande Épicerie de Paris?

Our food stores have always upheld a health approval which requires very strict hygiene regulations (including hand washing, protective hats, shoe covers, blouses, traceability, audits and self-checks).

For the current situation, we have reinforced these regulations, in particular, by ensuring hand-washing takes place every 30 minutes.
Following government advice, we have put barrier protection in place on all our sites, alerted all our employees and partners, and distributed hydro-alcoholic gels which are also available for you to use at the entrance of our stores.
From 11 May, for your safety and the safety of our teams, everyone including our customers, employees and partners will be required to wear a mask in store.
We remind you of the need for you and for our teams to take protective measures, in particular by respecting a minimum distance of one meter when waiting at the checkout or passing through the aisles. We have also increased the number of cleaning hours at all our sites, paying special attention to disinfecting our material such as handles and furniture.
For the check out and reception areas, we have installed barriers on all of our cash desks and reception desks. Our cashiers each have individual protection. We regularly clean and disinfect our carpets, bank card readers and the barriers that have been put in place.
Our shopping trolleys and baskets found at the entrance to our stores are cleaned after each use. Whenever possible, we recommend that you use your own bags when shopping. We also actively encourage you to use contactless bank card payment.

What about delivery?

Our delivery service team makes every effort to guarantee your safety. To assist our team, please open your car boot yourself so our team can then fill it with your groceries. When signing the delivery note, we encourage you to use your own pen. If not, we can provide pens that are regularly disinfected. We thank you for your confidence.

What about home delivery? What about delivery of orders placed on

Our operators in charge of preparing your orders strictly comply with the hygiene regulations that have been implemented as part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19. In particular, this involves hand washing every 30 minutes and/or use of hydro-alcoholic gel every 30 minutes and/or using disposable gloves changed every 30 minutes.
Parcel delivery is done in strict compliance with the measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus and with the greatest protection for our teams handling these parcels. Our teams make contactless deliveries. At home, contactless delivery takes place under the following conditions:
In the event of deliveries that do not enter a standard letterbox, our delivery personnel notify you by knocking on your door or ringing the bell.
The delivery person will leave your parcel on the doorstep and immediately move away to create a distance of 1 meter, prior you opening the door.
They may leave your parcel on the doorstep and then make sure you have collected your parcel, checking from a distance. They do not require a customer handwritten signature. The objective is not to be in close proximity, and more importantly, avoiding the parcel being passed from hand to hand.
For more information on the health recommendations our teams adhere to, go to:

Why can't I find fresh produce on the website? offers a selection of delicatessen, wines & liqueurs*, and chocolates from La Grande Épicerie de Paris.

Are you buying provisions at your normal rhythm?

Our stores are replenished every day, especially with fresh fruit and vegetables and our teams do everything to avoid running out of stock.
Our teams are working hard to ensure we maintain our high quality of service at La Grande Épicerie de Paris.
We remain vigilant in following and responding to government directives, for your safety and that of our teams. We assure you that all of our teams are working hard to provide you with the best quality of service and we would like to thank you for your loyalty.

What are the opening times at La Grande Épicerie de Paris?

When the confinement directive was put in place by the authorities, La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Gauche and La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Droite, which remained open, altered their opening times. Following the government’s latest announcement, from 11 May, La Grande Épicerie de Paris is changing its opening times:
La Grande Épicerie Rive Gauche: Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
La Grande Épicerie Rive Droite: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Our food outlets and our restaurant, La Table, will remain closed until further notice.

I placed my order x days ago. When will it be delivered? I haven't had any information about the order I placed on the website. When will I receive it?

For orders that have been placed on line, delivery times are slightly longer than usual.

Are you still delivering orders during this period? Does the store offer a home delivery service? Can I place a delivery order by phone? Why is the delivery service not responding?

In order to make your daily shopping simpler, we suggest that you prepare your orders at La Grande Épicerie de Paris prior to shopping. For this, we invite you to get in touch with us using the following contact details:

- La Grande Epicerie Rive Gauche by email at or by phone on 01 44 39 81 20, giving priority to calls in the morning.

- La Grande Épicerie Rive Droite by email at or by phone on =""> ou par téléphone au 01 44 14 38 39, giving priority to calls in the morning.

• State the items you would like to purchase. • Agree on a date for collection in store or home delivery, from the next day onwards. • Our Customer Service team will then prepare your order for the agreed date.


La Grande Épicerie de Paris is committed to supporting the elderly and vulnerable, and people working in the care sector.
This is done by enabling them to do their shopping quickly by providing reserved shopping times in stores, offering priority checkouts, and pre-prepared baskets of essential products.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

The teams at La Grande Épicerie de Paris are doing everything to make your shopping as easy as possible.