Meeting with
Pascal Tellier

In the department of Pascal Tellier,
our butcher-rotisserie chef


As a connoisseur, our master butcher Pascal Tellier relies on the "truth of the palate" for selecting his tasty meats. Convinced that the best meats come from well-treated cattle, he prioritises breeders that are committed to animal welfare.
From labelled cuts to matured meat, discover all the meat treats he has on offer!

portrait Pascal Tellier - boucher à la Grande Epicerie de Paris

Introduce us to the butcher’s department. What is your greatest asset?

In our department, we have a variety of excellent meats and exceptional cuts. Our aim is to offer our customers the best on a daily basis. Our team is made up of passionate professionals, skilled in craftmanship. They are all experts in cutting and in refined preparations so that we can offer consistent quality in terms of meals. We also take the time to do things well, to welcome and serve each customer with the same attention.


In the department, you can find plenty of labelled meat. Is this important to you?

Yes, it’s important to us, and also to our customers. Yes, it's a gauge of quality guaranteeing the origin of meat, the rearing method and the animal’s well-being. The labels we offer in the department meet well-defined specifications. Some breeders, for example those that breed Le Diamandin lamb, go one step further: each lamb is reared on breast milk and then fed on grass, hay or cereals depending on the season.

boucherie La Grande épicerie de Paris - Pacal Tellier
boucher - Pacal Tellier

How do you select your breeders?

I work mainly with short supply chains to offer the best and freshest meat possible. To make my selection, I try meat that I want to offer my customers that offer a great texture and a special taste. I then go to our breeding areas to meet the breeders. I visit their farms to see their animals and discover their working conditions.
All these breeders are passionate. They take care of each animal, and you can feel this when you’re preparing them. Their cuts are particularly tender and silky. These breeders do an excellent job that I try to highlight by inviting them to tastings, so that we create real interaction with our customers.


Tell us about one of your exceptional meats in your maturing cellar.

For example, there’s wagyu beef, a pure strain of Japanese beef, farmed in France. French wagyu is the most fragrant because of how it is eaten. The Japanese normally have it in strips in a broth, while in France, we prefer it grilled. On the palate, it is melt-in-the-mouth, just like chocolate!

boucherie - Pacal Tellier - La Grande Epicerie
boucherie - côtes de boeuf - La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Inspire us! What meat do you recommend?

For an everyday meal: I would recommend a Bigorre black pork chop served with a homemade puree. To prepare it, you can remove it early then cook it on a low heat. The meat fat will melt away naturally when cooked to reveal its delicious flavours, worthy of old-fashioned recipes.
For a party meal: I would prepare a Galician beef steak seasoned with coarse salt after cooking to enhance all its flavours. It is an outstanding product, both tender and delicious, that we find in the world’s best restaurants.


Do you have any last tips to share with us to enhance meat?

On a daily basis, I don’t season my meats much as I want to preserve their natural flavours as much as possible.
My tip is more about the cooking methods, as the first seconds are crucial for meat to turn out well. We sear beef and lamb with a quick cooking so that we can prioritise slow cooking for veal, poultry and pork. Don’t worry about starting to cook with a cold oven, even if it means cooking it for an extra 10 minutes.

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