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New herbal teas: qualitative and tasty


Natural, theine-free, herbal tea is an essential element this season. Much more than a drink it is, above all, a much-loved ritual, a real moment of me-time. Digest, sleep or breathe more easily... The virtues we credit it with are numerous. Try our selection of delicious, healthy herbal teas to start the New Year off on a good note.

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Our grandmothers' beverage of choice, herbal tea is now in full swing. It is the alternative to tea and coffee.
Conscious of its potential, some houses have chosen to modernise it by updating the flavours. It all begins with the choice of raw materials, selection with ever more care. Thanks to its simple composition, of plants infused in hot water, herbal tea has room only for what is essential. Impossible to cheat, it is only by using the best plants that a herbal tea can be distinguished. Most often, herbal tea ranges are organic, composed of plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits and spices of good quality. "Our plants are cultivated on their original soils according to a natural rhythm by producers we trust. We only take the most aromatic part of each plant: they are studiously cut to privilege the diffusion of the flavours with every cup" explains F. Gorce from Les 2 Marmottes.


Herbal teas: classics with originality

Depending on taste, brands don't hesitate to propose creative blends, to vary the enjoyment. This is what contributed to Chic des Plantes during its creation in 2015 "We wanted, above all, to offer a product that is healthy but also delicious, one to remember.
"So was born their wide range of infusions from revisited classics to the most original creations, like their "winter's harvest" herbal tea, blending cardamom, sweet orange and cinnamon.
Know for its organic infusions with pop colours Lov Organic also follows fashion by proposing innovative and tasty blends "created to respond to every desire and accompany you all day long". Among its most atypical associations, is their herbal tea "Lov is green", based on fruit and vegetables.
Les 2 Marmottes also surprises us with their suave and sweet fennel infusion, with a hint of aniseed.

la grande épicerie de Paris - Tisanes

Ritual and benefits

More than just a drink, herbal tea is a moment of me-time. Reputed for its beneficial effects, it invites you to recentre and listen to your body. Digest, sleep or breathe more easily... such are the virtues we recognise, depending on the plants used.


Discover which plants to favour at each moment:

- For better sleep: "favour a herbal tea of verbena, linden and chamomile, known for their sedative properties" confides F. Gorce of Les 2 Marmottes.
Lovely Night, Infusion from Les 2 Marmottes or Morphée will help you to sleep peacefully.

- For better digestion: "Green aniseed and fennel are two plants that act on the digestion". Cocktail digest & Pousse Délice will seduce you with their freshness, always appreciated at the end of a meal.

- To tone up: try Boost et Moi from Les 2 Marmottes, a blend of hibiscus, ginseng, ginger and eleuthero, a particularly invigorating quartet of plants. Run for Love marries hibiscus with more fruity notes, between pomegranate seeds, goji berries and apple.

- freshen the skin: "all our infusions contribute to good skin because they help to hydrate the body, an essential condition for preservation of the skin" comments Lov Organic. Also try the herbal tea Belle Plantes by Chic des Plantes, which favours detoxification and helps skin recover its clarity.


Choose and enjoy your herbal tea


According to F. Gorce from Les 2 Marmottes, a good herbal tea can be recognised by its limpid colour, always clear. Also pay attention to its freshness, and the delicacy of its aromas, characteristics of an exceptional infusion.
If a herbal tea must infuse for about 5 minutes in hot water to release its flavours, there are nevertheless a few rules for best taste, according to its composition. Use water at 90°C for an infusion with Rooibos, at 95°C for an infusion with fruit and at 100°C for a plant-based infusion.

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Cook with your infusions: some original ideas

Like tea, herbal tea holds a place in our dessert recipes. It perfumes the simplest of your preparations and endows them with a touch of sophistication.
Moist cake, panacotta or frozen yoghurt infused with fruit... there are numerous options. Would you like to have a go? Try our recipe for poached pears with infused jus, in 3 simple steps.




- 500 g caster sugar


- 2 sachets of the "Belle plante" infusion from Chic des Plantes


- 4 small pears


- Fresh Isigny cream


- 2 buckwheat honey granola bars by Catherine Kluger


The steps:


1. Mix the sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring regularly, to dissolve the sugar.


2. Lower the heat. Add the teabags and peeled pears to the saucepan. Leave to simmer for 45 minutes, until the pears are tender and translucent.


3. Serve the pears with Isigny cream and small bits of crumbled granola bar.


You can use the rest of the infusion syrup to perfume a fruit salad or yoghurt.



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