Green lentil salad with seaweed tartare, cockles and avocado
Recette proposée par La Grande Épicerie de Paris

Difficulty Medium
Preparation 30 minutes
Cooking 25 minutes



4 people
120 g organic green lentils | 160 g chicken broth | 1 tablespoon Luques extra virgin olive oil | Broccoli | 800 g cockles | 1 shallot | White wine | Bouquet garni | 1 avocado | Broccolini | Fleur de sel from Gruissan | Seaweed tartare
    • 1
      Cook the lentils in two times their volume of chicken broth for 17 minutes, or until tender. Allow the lentils to cool. Meanwhile, grate the broccoli and stir it into the cooled lentils along with the olive oil and fleur de sel to taste.
    • 2
      To remove any grit from the cockles, soak them in salted water for about 30 minutes. Cook them as you would moules marinières: Soften the shallot in a bit of butter along with the bouquet garni. Add the cockles and a small amount of white wine. Remove the cockles from the pot as soon as they open.
    • 3
      Open the avocado and peel it with a peeler. Remove the pit and coat the flesh with a thin layer of olive oil to prevent it from turning brown.
    • 4
      To cook the broccolini, immerse it in boiling water. Once it is cooked, plunge it into a large bowl of ice-cold water to cool it down.
    • 5
      Spoon a serving of lentils onto each plate. In an attractive pattern, top the lentils with cockles, thinly sliced avocado, broccolini and a few dots of seaweed tartare.
    • Chef’s notes: Fleur de sel from Gruissan comes from the Mediterranean Sea and is hand-harvested by the salt workers.

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