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Starck Beer x Brasserie Olt Brewery : 
3 questions for Philippe Starck


Starck beer has reached La Grande Épicerie de Paris! To celebrate this occasion, Philippe Starck reveals the secrets behind the creation of this brand new beer, made in collaboration with the Olt brewery.

Starck beer

1 - What inspired you to create this beer?

“I create objects which are external to humans: lamps, chairs, planes, motorbikes, etc., but my dream was always to get closer to humans, to the human body, because the closer you get to the body, the more honest we are forced to be. At one point the body no longer lies, it works or it doesn’t. More than 30 years ago, we created one of the first brands of organic food: OAO; we were forerunners in organic wine, organic champagne, etc. More recently, it’s all about olive oil with LA Organic. Beer is an almost-magical product. It’s interesting because there’s not much to it: water and a few grains. The idea was to increase the quality of this popular product. We worked alongside Sébastien Blaquière of the Olt Brewery for four years to bring some style and intelligence to beer and to turn it into an organic product, as everything must be organic.”


2 - What is the secret of Starck beer?

“Modernity, elegance, clarity and bitterness are the abstract concepts that I had in mind for the beer, without having a precise idea for the taste. With the help of Sébastien Blaquière, we invented a unique creative process, a diagonal language, allowing us to translate these visions. We composed, mixed, tasted, refined, over and over again. Once the content was created, we designed the bottle using the most stylish designs, as always. That goes for the production as well: while all the companies use an electric motor pump, we opted for gravity. It’s all these little details that make the difference for a very simple product, Starck Beer. “


3 - For which product do you shop exclusively at La Grande Épicerie de Paris?

Starck Beer and unfortunately as I no longer have the time to cook, all that can be eaten raw, mostly vegetables.”

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