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Our chefs’ macarons


This month, rediscover macarons, the key product of our Pâtisserie. Classic sweet treats of French cuisine, they are made daily by our chefs in our laboratories on 38, rue de Sèvres.
Their rounded shells conceal a creamy filling, created by hand by our pastry chefs.

macarons de nos chefs la grande epicerie de paris

Throughout the seasons, new flavours adorn our window displays, ready to be enjoyed. This summer, be enticed by our current flavours, and discover them before it’s too late! Come and discover our macarons:

- vanilla-flavoured: a macaron delicately flavoured with Tahiti vanilla, offering a beautiful length on the palate,
- chocolate-flavoured: and its toasted, floral notes characteristic of Tanzanian chocolate,
- Amalfi lemon-flavoured: from Italy, this citrus fruit is known for its juicy pulp and its wonderful acidity,
- peach and green tea-flavoured: an unusual blend of flavours combining Chinese green tea with citrus flavours and peach notes,
...not to mention our Mara des Bois strawberry,Bourgogne blackcurrant macarons, Sicilian Pistachio or even rhubarb and strawberry macarons.
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La Grande Épicerie de Paris

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