News · March 2019

BU organic healthy broth

la grande épicerie de Paris - Bu

Looking for light, sophisticated recipes to start the new year? Try the BU range of sweet and savoury broths. Passionate about gastronomy, founders Samuel and Sebastien chose to revisit traditional broth, creating a real gastronomic broth, to be enjoyed hot or cold. Each range is created by chef Eric Leautey, brilliantly blending the subtle flavours of each unique beverage.


This New Year, Bu offers its organic "cure-bouillon" to compose yourself: choose 2 hot broths and 1 cold broth from its range of original recipes and take them right away in your bottle bag.


Meet Bu at the store to enjoy a taste at the summit!
Great allies in times of cold, BU broths can sustain you at any time of day, for a quick lunch or an improvised dinner.
From 10th January, every day in the store you'll find their 4 showcase recipes that you can enjoy in our intimate cable car, designed especially for the occasion.


Come and try BU broths at the entry to La Grande Epicerie Rive Gauche, from 10th January 2019.