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The autumn-winter collection: our chefs’ creations


Starting on Saturday 3 October, La Grande Épicerie de Paris chefs will reveal their autumn-winter collection. Come discover their original sweet and savoury creations available on the shelves in our two stores.

la grande épicerie de Paris - Collection automne- hiver : les créations de nos chefs

In the pastry department:

Celebrate the start of autumn with our selection of gourmet pastries. Decorated with thin chocolate shavings, our black forest cake hides a chocolate sponge base topped with sour cherry compote and a delicious kirsch mousse.
Another favourite from our pastry department, the Paris-Brest is guaranteed to delight this season with its generous layer of praline cream made with buckwheat groats and hazelnuts. In addition to treats like brownies, lemon pralines and blueberry cheesecakes, our department also has macarons in six new flavours made every morning by our pastry chefs.


At Take Away:

Our bakers have outdone one another in their creations to make your lunch a delicious treat. Every day, you will find a selection of salads, from our new take on the classic Piedmontese salad with penne, roasted sweet potatoes and pieces of grilled turkey to our special-recipe quinoa with Middle Eastern flavours. And be sure not to miss another surprise in the department: sandwiches made to order by our chefs. Choose your garnishes and our team will make your sandwich in front of you so that each bite is crisp and fresh.


In the bakery department:

Indulge in one of our perfectly golden fougasses or our puff pastry rolls filled with goat’s cheese, honey and walnuts or black olives and Emmental cheese.
For dessert, revisit childhood memories with our gianduja and hazelnut brioche, available in individual servings or for sharing.

la grande épicerie de Paris - Collection automne- hiver : les créations de nos chefs

At the Gastronomy stand:

Discover our chefs’ specials every day of the week, such as rabbit leg in mustard sauce with herb-seasoned tagliatelle noodles or loin of cod with parsleyed potato pancakes. Here you will also find our large savoury pies, made big so that the flavours meld slowly during the baking process. The recipe varies from month to month, according to the vegetables in season.

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