A meeting with
La Ferme des Deux Rives

A meeting with Linda, coordinator at La Ferme des 2 Rives


Since 30th August last year La Grande Épicerie de Paris has offered organic, quality products from La Ferme des 2 Rives, at the fruit and vegetable stands in each of its two shops. Discover all the secrets of this farm that practises permaculture with Linda, the coordinator and a vegetable farmer passionate about beautiful, quality produce.

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La Ferme des 2 Rives is part of a larger network, Fermes d'Avenir, working towards agricultural transition. Could you explain the project?


Founded in 2013, the Fermes d'Avenir association supports an agricultural model based on respect for humanity, the Earth and resources. Our team of twenty works to publicise and organise the life of this community, linking over a thousand farms in France.
Our method is based on two fundamental values: permaculture and agro-ecology. Together, we are trying to go further than organic agriculture, which is the base. For example, we produce our crops without any chemicals. The vegetables are cared for with macerated wild plants or natural fertilisers that we make ourselves. We also want to make our farms more independent, limiting use of fossil fuels.
La Ferme des 2 Rives is one of two farms we manage ourselves. I have coordinated the project since the beginning, last March. My team and I look after administrative tasks, crop production or projects for new plantations.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris - La Ferme des deux rives - Pouces
La Grande Épicerie de Paris - La ferme des deux Rives

What cultivation methods do you use to grow fruit and vegetables of such quality?


To transform it, we first nourish the earth before we begin any planting. This allows us to produce crops naturally rich in flavour, of better quality, with a real taste of the land. Our fruit and vegetables are grown from old seed varieties; then they are cared for with natural fertilisers, made with plants from the Farm.
Finally, the harvest is only taken when the crop is fully matured. It arrives on the shelves the day after being harvested. This short lapse of time means the produce retains its taste and perfume.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris - La Ferme des deux rives - Récolte
La Grande Épicerie de Paris - Portrait - La ferme des deux Rives - pastèques

How did you come to associate with La Grande Épicerie de Paris?


A year ago, La Grande Épicerie de Paris included us in its move to become, in its turn an actor in the agricultural transition, by offering shelves of products with such origins. Our fruit and vegetables are cultivated only an hour from Paris, by motivated young people respectful of the environment.
Since the start of our collaboration, we have together determined the assortment of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs for the year to come. We have chosen over fifty varieties a year, including great classics as well as more rare and, sometimes, surprising varieties.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris - La Ferme des deux rives - Récolte - Tomate
La Grande Épicerie de Paris - La ferme des deux Rives - Poivron

Tell us about these rare varieties, coming soon to La Grande Épicerie de Paris!


For example the Moon and Stars watermelon whose skin looks like a constellation, with beautiful yellow stars. It is also very good. We also have original varieties of melon like the Olive green melon, with its elongated shape and thick, yellow-tinged skin. Inside, the yellow-orange flesh has a slightly nutty taste. It is simply an excellent product!
In summer, we grow different types of peasant tomatoes, like the Pineapple tomato or Rose de Berne, as tasty as they are perfumed.

In October, the season kicks off with the pumpkins, cabbages and leeks. We also offer Pattypan squash, a little-known vegetable which is really easy to cook. Once scooped out, it can be stuffed and baked. It tastes a bit like artichoke and pumpkin.


Since 31 August, the fruits and vegetables cultivated in La Ferme des 2 Rives are available in our two stores. Go behind the scene of this unique partnership !

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