“Passionnément Maman ! (Passionately Mum)” Cake: tell her with gourmet indulgence

la grande épicerie de paris - bonne fête maman - gâteau - patisserie

A little, a lot, passionately… mum! This year, for Mothers’ Day, the chefs of La Grande Épicerie de Paris offer you a cake as beautiful as it is delicious: a special treat for all mothers.


This passion-red dessert, decorated with white chocolate petals, encloses a blend of elegant flavours, mixing notes of citrus and berries.
Its moist lime biscuit is topped with crunchiness and candied raspberry, and it is filled with a generous vanilla mousse, giving it a wonderful creaminess.


At tea-time or for dessert, share some happy family time with our chefs’ exclusive creation; a delicate and original way to tell her how much she means to you!


Discover the cake “Passionnément Maman ! ” in 2 versions (2/3 people: €16.90 & 6 people: €39.00) at the Pâtisserie stands in our two stores from Thursday, 9 May to Sunday, 2 June 2019.


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